Past Events

2021- 2022 real estate auction; Houston, Texas

CISD/CISD auction

Robert Walker annual auction

Stacy annual auction; Tomball, Texas

Larry Posada fundraising auction real estate auction; Houston, Texas

Tori benefit auction; Conroe, Texas

Cash fundraiser auction; Willis, Texas

Charlie Riley fundraiser auction; Magnolia, Texas

Ambassadors of Conservation auction; the Woodlands, Texas

Charity Chicks auction; Montgomery, Texas

Lobster Fest annual auction; Conroe, Texas

Ruben, Cardinas, Mungo’s Icehouse auction

Oktoberfest annual auction

Family Promise fish fry

John Heffley, CCL, number one auction

Reagan, dinner and auction; Coldsprings, Texas

Ducks Unlimited annual auction

Sacred Heart gala auction

Camellia from fundraiser, VFW auction

Laurie Bagwell benefit auction

Saint Martha annual auction; Humble, Texas

Republican women’s auction, Lake Conroe area

Beasley Boil fundraiser auction

CISD cookoff auction

Robert Walker annual fundraiser auction

Clark’s annual fish fry auction

Charlie Riley fundraiser auction

Cash fundraiser auction

Firefighters Association auction, Sawyer Park

Don Fullen Regulators auction

Track Shack auction

Kristi Leggit, Madera Estates auction

Family Promise, community action

Debbie Glenn Music Fest auction


Sacred Heart fundraising auction

North Montgomery County Firefighters Association auction

Ducks Unlimited Conroe chapter auction

Charlie Riley annual fundraiser

Ducks Unlimited Spring, Texas, chapter auction

Vineyard annual wine auction

Lions Club skeet shoot auction

Montgomery County Fair livestock auction

Saint Martha’s Catholic School auction

CISD county auction

VFW candidates auction and Don Fullen Regulators auction

Oktoberfest auction

Family Promise annual auction

Will Perry auction; the Woodlands, Texas


Vineyards Wine annual auction

Ducks Unlimited Conroe chapter auction

Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo auction

Montgomery County non-livestock and heifer auction

Saint Martha Back Pew Brewery auction

Clyde Vogal fundraiser auction

Robert Walker Comissioner fundraiser auction

CIS the fairgrounds auction

Bridgewood Farms art auction

David Eason Precinct to Constable auction

Annette Hill benefit auction

Regulators annual auction

Mike Flint Sheriff San Jacinto County auction

Rand Henderson Sheriff fundraiser auction

Sunny Creek Ranch fundraiser auction

Oktoberfest Montgomery County auction

Save the Tatas breast cancer auction

Cooking for Courage, Tuff fundraiser auction

Steve Anderson annual auction


United Way fundraiser auction in Orange, Texas

Charlie Riley annual auction

Ducks Unlimited North Conroe chapter auction

Veteran auction at Montgomery County Convention Center

Conroe sports and outdoors auction with Duck Dynasty cast

Bridgewood Farms annual auction

Montgomery County livestock auction

Montgomery County non-livestock auction and heifer sale

Saint Edward’s Catholic School auction

Legacy Christian Academy auction

County/CSCISD auction

Fire Up the Vans annual auction

Mark Keough, County Judge, auction

Matt Beasley, Justice of the Peace, auction

Philip Cash Precinct One Commissioner auction

Lobster Fest golf tournament auction

Oktoberfest auction

Brandon Creighton Senate District 4 auction Santa Barbara, California, auction

Ducks Unlimited, Montgomery County

Regulators annual auction


North Montgomery County Support Group auction

Madeley Ranch Law Torretta auction

Jayme Wiggins Academy auction

Charlie Riley annual auction

Jim Clark Pricing for Comissioner auction

Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo auction

Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo silent auction

Montgomery County Fair replacement heifer auction

Bridgwood Farms Main St., America auction

Republican Reagan Dinner

Montgomery County, Mesa, CISD county auction

Dwayne‘s Crawfish Bash; Montgomery, Texas

Fire Up The Bands auction; Montgomery, Texas

Montgomery County Judge annual fundraiser auction real estate auction real estate auction; Phoenix, Arizona

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Lobster Fest auction

Caches annual fundraiser auction

Melissa Miller District Clerk fundraiser auction

Wildcat Oil Men’s Golf Association auction

Hawaiian Tropic Golf auction

Bluejack National auction

Bluejack National Harvey relief auction

Kristen Bays annual auction

Sacred Heart auction

Jim Clark Comissioner Pct. 4 auction

Duane Ham for State Rep 16 auction

Toys for Tots auction

Legacy Academy farmhouse auction

2016 estate

Constable Philip Cash precinct 1 Montgomery county

National Rifle Association

Charlie Riley Commissioner precinct 2

Saint James Catholic School gala

Ducks Unlimited Conroe chapter

Montgomery County Fair Association livestock auction

Montgomery County Fair heifer sale

Montgomery County non-livestock auction

The Tern Center auction; Amarillo, Texas real estate; Santa Barbara, California

Bridgwood Farms Main St., America auction

National Rifle Association; Marble Falls, Texas

Lakeside Pavilion livestock auction; Buena Vista, California

Smith Fundraiser; Magnolia, Texas

National Rifle Association; Fredericksburg, Texas

Mike Meador Commissioner fundraiser; Conroe, Texas

National Rifle Association auction; Tomball, Texas

Montgomery County CISD Scholarship Association auction

San Antonio Firefighters Association, auction; San Antonio,Texas

Sacred Heart Catholic auction gala; Conroe, Texas

Guadalupe Gunslingers NRA auction

Scott Cliff, National Rifle Association; Baytown, Texas

NRA Association auction at Umbel, Texas, Civic Center

National Rifle Association auction, South Texas

National Rifle Association, Beaumont Civic Center

National Rifle Association; Brazoria, Texas

National Rifle Association auction; Austin, Texas

Fastino Navarro auto auction

Oktoberfest, Sacred Heart Auction

Kim Hutchins memorial auction; Conroe, Texas

Lisa Medina annual auction

Commissioner Precinct to Montgomery County auction

Bridgewood Farms auction at Main St., America

Madeley Ranch auction; Montgomery, Texas