About Vince Ross

As a proud Texan, Vince Ross has been going to auctions for most of his life. He remembers being struck by their singular talent and the presence that auctioneers provided auctions. He was consistently impressed by their ability to spur crowds to excitement and call for bids.

This led to Vince’s own desire to become an auctioneer. He attended the Texas Auction Academy in Dallas, Texas, and then took his State License Exam to become a fully licensed and bonded auctioneer.  He has been contracting his services as a professional auctioneer, specializing in wide variety of auction events.

Vince is based in Montgomery, Texas, but he has traveled throughout Texas and the country to auctioneer at many different types of auctions. He has auctioneered at: charity auctions, fundraising events, formal benefits, political fundraisers, real estate auctions, auto auctions, livestock auctions, auctions for farm equipment, county fair auctions, and more.

As a born people-person and sales professional for his whole life, Vince has never met a stranger. Auctioneering has provided the perfect channel to put his professional sales knowledge and outgoing, sociable energy into action. Vince loves meeting and interacting with new people, but he especially values the opportunity to support worthy causes. He is passionate about helping charities, political candidates, and other organizations raise awareness about important issues and raise money for a good cause.