Contract Auctioneer Services

A professional auctioneer will help your auction reach its highest bidding potential and raise the most money for your cause. Vince Ross provides a personalized approach that better serves both the sellers and buyers in any type of auction. At the location of your choice, he will:

  • Present auction items and call bids
  • Keep audience engaged and entertained
  • Energize crowd to participate
  • Encourage bidding and direct asks
  • Increase bidding in strategic increments and at the appropriate pace
  • Ensure the auction reaches its highest bidding potential

Charity Auctions, Formal Benefits, Political Fundraisers

Charity auctions and fundraising events require a professional auctioneer to expertly engage the crowd and to inspire maximum participation. Vince Ross will captivate your guests, create anatmosphere that encourages giving, and help raise the most money for your organization orpolitical candidate.

Real Estate & Ranch Auctions

A well-attended auction with competitive bidding will indisputably achieve market value for anyseller’s property. Vince Ross holds the professional auctioneer experience necessary to supervise competitive bidding environments and ensure your property attains the best buyer.

Auto Auctions

Vince Ross is a well-versed auto auctioneer and understands the car auction industry. He will facilitate expert auto bid calling to achieve successful sales.

Livestock Auctions & Farm Equipment Auctions

Vince Ross helps area ranchers sell cattle, horses, other livestock, and farm equipment at competitive market prices. With extensive professional experience in livestock auctions, he creates an optimal market environment for both buyers and sellers during the course of the auction.

County Fair Auctions

Vince Ross will not only entertain county fair crowds but help exhibitors achieve maximum return on livestock and other auction items